Monday, December 7, 2009


1. Memories and nostalgias of Malta will be recorded as a starting point to the project. This stage must be completed before returning to Malta in December, and before getting too absorbed in the project.

2. Research into traditional materials, crafts and building techniques.
Limestone; its material properties, the ways in which it could be adapted and the quarries that its extraction leaves behind will be studied. Traditional tile making techniques will also be researched.

3. Observations on Maltese identity and architecture will be recorded and made public on a Blog and by publication in a Maltese magazine, with the aim of getting feedback which will inform the project.

4. The memories, research, observations and feedback will inform design proposals, in varying scales, of several public spaces. These might incorporate some or all of the following; a promenade, swimming lido, public toilets, park, boat houses,...

5. Finally the project will be concluded through a public forum or exhibition.

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