Monday, December 7, 2009

In search of a Maltese Architectural Language

My starting point is to investigate notions of Maltese identity; an identity that resembles numerous cultures and so is full of contradictions, bearing in mind that it is the sum of these contradictions that make Malta unique.

By gaining a better understanding of Maltese identity, through research, observation, exposure of ideas, debate and feedback, I hope to strengthen notions of identity* - both my own, and those of the Maltese as a group - and in doing so to initiate a discussion and development of a Maltese architectural language.

*To strengthen one’s sense of identity need not imply preserving oneself, or protecting oneself from outside influence. It is the contrary; if one is confident and secure in their identity then they need not feel threatened by anything considered “different”. They are able to build on that sense of identity, adapt to changing circumstances, unafraid of losing it. This project does not intend to promote the preservation of Malta or Maltese identity, the focus will be on learning from the past to develop the new, whilst acknowledging that change is inevitable.

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