Wednesday, December 16, 2009


boathouses that open right onto the seaside. no step, no shelter, no transition from inside to outside. you walk out and you are in the hot sun, by the sea, immediately.

a townhouse in Rabat. Layered space from inside to outside, making for a slow transition from the road to the hallway. The front door can be left open yet privacy kept. But when are you invading someone's space? Is it when you look inside or when you are inside? and how can 'inside' be defined? Surely when the resident sits out on the pavement, the pavement becomes an extension of the inside?

shopfront in Valletta. the shopfront sits under the balcony; the balcony leans over the shop entrance. the pavement is kept free.

Valletta. shelters. hiding spaces. spying spaces.

Rabat. the elevated street.

shopfront Rabat. A slow subtle transition from pavement through threshold into shop.

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