Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Map as a Tablecloth at our Christmas Day Dinner...

I asked my grandmother if we could use my memory map of Malta as a tablecloth on Christmas day. Christmas Day in Malta is a is a day of tradition when my grandmother brings out her best tablecloth, china and silverwareand everything is perfectly laid out - so I wasn't sure how she wold feel about this break in tradition.


She immediately agreed. So I went to her house early on Christmas morning, with a huge map and 10 red markers and together with my grandmother and sister wrapped her dining table and laid it, polishing silverware, making a flower arrangements, etc...

my grandmother and sister laying the table
part of the memory map tablecloth

my sister stops to get a closer look

grandfather helping

grandmother serving the Christmas lasagne
after much convincing, since nobody wanted to draw over the tablecloth, 
the family began to add their version of Malta over mine.

My grandmother takes a break in correcting the cemetery to serve Christmas Pudding

almond cake, marzipan strawberries and coffee

my parents correct the area around Delimara

Nanna Nina's place


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  1. I love this. Must have sparked such lovely conversations!