Monday, February 15, 2010

The Freeport

One of the most loud and unignorable changes to the scenery of Birzebbugia is the addition of the Freeport (a transhipment hub built in 1988) - it cannot be missed: it is the part of the coast that looks man-made; grey with hard edges. Large cranes loom in the background of almost every sea view from the town. And even when not by the sea the loud banging and clanking of the containers being stacked remind one of its ever-presence, and 24-hour activity.
I have chosen a site that faces the freeport. It is the limestone coast to the left of the picture below:

Below is a view of the freeport with the site in the background at the top right hand corner:

Below is a view of the freeport from the site:

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