Monday, February 15, 2010

Pretty Bay

Pretty Bay was once a little rocky beach with nice views. In 1988 the bay was artificially filled with sand recovered from the sea during dredging works for the nearby Freeport. Was the sand a compensation to make up for the not so pretty view?

(photograph taken from


  1. Another beautiful photograph, I find this view fascinating! Maybe not 'pretty' in a conventional way, but the cranes are really powerful - without them, this image could be of a beach anywhere in the world!

    Do you think your proposal will adopt or respond to this industrial character at all?

  2. The industrial character cannot be ignored - not only in its visual scale but also the noise, loud clanging of containers being dropped onto others which echoes around the bay, and the bright lights which flood the bay at night.
    Yet as you say there is something also quite fascinating about it, and unique perhaps too. In fact there are always people standing, watching it.
    So the proposal shall have to respond in more than one way: Addressing problems of light and noise pollution, giving opportunities to watch the fascinating beast, giving value back to a community that feels neglected. Perhaps giving value to the freeport itself....