Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Landscape inspired by Salt-Pans

Creating a landscape of platforms and pools for the public to inhabit.

The rectangular shapes and plays with volumes, edges and stepping are inspired by the salt-pans and terraced fields that make up the Maltese landscape.

Here the rectangular shapes are extruded from the landscape or cut into it, to form platforms and pools.

There will be different sized places, for different types of use. Some for hiding in, others for rising above. Some sized for whole extended families, others for individuals.


  1. Hi Nina,
    I love these studies. mainly for their simplicity and rhythm.
    When looking at it from plan, it is great to see how a repetitive simple shape as that of a square. Can be identified from the shadows which allow you to understand what is extruded, a flat plain, embossed or at a slope. very effective.

  2. Thank you for the comment - it has inspired me to make a drawing that plays with the language of the shadows that you described - great thanks!